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Are you saying I need to replace my protein skimmer as well as my canister filter? These are 2 seperate items in my tank. From your posts (sorry if I'm miss reading them) it seems like you are talking about the protein skimmer, but then jump to the filter.
Sorry to be a pain.
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Skimmer - definitely replace. EBay is loaded with good options right now for a very reasonable price.

Canister - optional. I am not a fan of canister filters on a reef aquarium, but you will find experienced aquarists who use them. So it is up to you. Personally, I'd remove it completely. An easier option is to use a simple hang-on filter with a bag of activated carbon placed inside.
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Ok, thanks for clearing that up for me.

I've read on other sites and forums to remove the carbon filter pad, but you say to leave it in, or just run the carbon only?

Skimmer, I'll certainly sort out this w/end :)
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This may help

Im not sure what your problem is but I think u really need more live rock. I have been told that it is key to the health of your tank. My understanding is that u should have a pound or pound and half for every gallon your tank is. My tank is a 28 gallon, and i have about 37lbs of live rock. Everything I have read and have been told by the LFS say u need that ratio of rock and tank gallons for your tank to be healthy. Hope this helps!
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Re: This may help

[quote="Alynn824"] My understanding is that u should have a pound or pound and half for every gallon your tank is. My tank is a 28 gallon, and i have about 37lbs of live rock. /quote]

Please folks, we have to put an end to this old train of thought. Pounds per gallon is not an adequate measure. Simple logic explains this. Density and mass determine weight. You can't tell the density of a rock by its size. It is possible to have a fist size piece of rock that weighs 100 pounds. (Although it won't happen, obviously.) Size and weight are not related.

Carbon is a benefit. I will post more on this thought in the morning.
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Thanks Pasfur
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As to the use of activated carbon, the benefits are huge. You can compare protein skimming to activated carbon use to see the benefits. Protein skimmers remove organics from the system which are in the form of polar molecules, i.e those that form a bond at the air/water interface. Activated carbon effectively absorbs non-polar molecules that are not typically removed by the protein skimmer and which would otherwise become part of the biological cycle, contributing to Nitrate buildup.

Additionally, carbon aids in the removal of organic acids from the system before they are broken down by the biological filter and before the acids cause a depletion to the carbonate hardness buffering system.

The negatives of carbon are generally stated as 1) they remove trace elements and 2) it is rumored to cause HTLLE. I dismiss both of these as irrelevant. Trace elements are replaced with water changes and additives. In fact, trace elements are removed naturally from your system by the livesock, so their replacement is necessary anyhow.
As to HTLLE, i've never seen any correlation. I believe it to be more closely linked to diet.
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