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I'm kind of fascinated with mantis shrimp so I've done a little research on them. From what I've read and seen, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to wean them onto prepared foods, so the sinking pellets might not do the trick if it is a mantis shrimp. If you had a pair of tongs, you could try waving a piece of squid gently around near your live rock, or dropping some ghost shrimp in the tank.

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So this morning I was looking at the tank shortly after the light came on and what do I see but two odd looking arms/tentacles streching from a rock crevice. At first I thought they were perhaps bristleworms, but the bristles were only on one side of the arms, were much longer - easily twice as long, and were not tapered like normal bristles - more like stalks. I also noticed that they retracted very quickly into the crevice when the gobies swam close. I also noticed what appeared to be a rounded body inside the crevice, but couldn't get much of a good look.

Thinking I was still half asleep and it was just two bristleworms, I went upstairs, took a shower and came back down stairs to put on my socks and shoes. I sat in front of the tank and there wasn't anything in crevice at all. I also noticed that the crevice was more of a hole in the rock, and connected to the top of the rock in question, maybe 1 1/2 inches total length.

So I pose the question: has anyone had experience with octupii hitchhiking on rocks? I keep thinking it sounds outlandish, but it makes sense. I doubt a mantis would/could eat 5 serpent star legs that were each 4 inches long in one night.

PS - should I decide to take the rocks out of the water, how long should I leave them out to kill any critters (mantis and octupii alike), but also not make a huge dent in the bacteria colonies?
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hitch hiking jellies isn't too uncommon and did it look anything like the one in this link?
Melev's Reef - Visual Identification

and as for mantis... there's a thread on reefcentral about someone that has one and they have a youtube vid of it eating too it's really cool my lps sells them, but the tank says "caution aggressing shrimp"... lol!!
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Yeah, my friend has a mantis, and it's insanely awesome. However, you gotta keep them in acrylic tanks or they cause problems. They are known to burrow through live rock to make their caves, and when they hit glass, they just keep going and drill holes in the tank!

Why not set a mantis shrimp trap and see what you can catch? I don't think an octopus will eat a starfish, especially if there are fish in the tank to be munching, but I could be wrong.
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I just had a sand sifting starfish devoured by my Camel Shrimp. Caught him in the act.

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Any updates on what was causing the problem?

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