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Thats alright.I understand, but i have a live coral, live rocks, live sand and two little red crabs. Sorry but i dont know what their called. Hahah.
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Can you post some pictures? Even with the corals and inverts, I would probably just feed garlic and closely observe the fish. Moving the fish at this point will be very stressful.
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Yeah. Well i was searching through this site about feeding it garlic and i bought it not to long ago and i just started feeding it today ;) But For the salinity do i have to put less salt or how does this work? Sorry, ive changed the water a couple of times but it doesnt seem to work.
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To lower salinity you would remove saltwater and add freshwater. The new water should not have any salt at all.

However, given that you have corals and inverts, you do not want to use this option. Do not lower the salinity.

How have the fish responded with the garlic feedings?
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The fishes is still acting the same. One of the clown fish is swimming with its fins in and it twitches. Its weird.
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How about the spots? Are you seeing less or more? If symptoms get worse, we will need to take additional action.
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Its getting better. The spots only comes once a while. Should i take the coral out before lowering the salinity?
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You're missing the point of this. You have no reason to lower the salinity. The garlic is doing what you need. No further treatment will be necessary, most likely. Just continue feeding garlic and close observation. I will keep checking in, but if things get worse shoot me a PM and I will check the thread... just in case I miss it.
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I am delighted with this thread. Great advices by Pasfur. You must follow him blindly to be successful in this profession.
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nvm -- didn't read the end of the thread.

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