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when to add algea

Just started cycling my tank, 60 gal, 30 gal sump with a refugium, got about 60lbs of live rock curing inside, when should i put algea?
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Add algea? I have never heard of that. You will have an algea bloom most likely of some sort if that is what you mean.

Or chaeto?
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what I meant is when should i add my macro algea like cheato, or colpura?
(not sure if that is the correct spelling)
I heard that the refugium should be seeded, or will it start growing algea on its own.
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Thought it was chaeto.

You can add chaeto when you begin your cycle, or somewhat into it. I think it would be best when you have your LR, in which you already do. You can put LR, LS and chaeto all in one compartment if you have 3 compartments.
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so i added algea 4 days ago and now i am starting to see that the algae "Caulerpa" is starting to turn brown -->is it dieing
I got about 3 inches of mud covered with 1 inch of live sand and 1 piece of live rock inside.
My sand a the one piece of live rock has like bubbles on it and the sand is turning pink/purple colour.

The tank has been cycling for 10 days no amonia spike yet
lights are on 24/7 in the fuge
ph: 8.2
nitrites: 0
nitrates: 0
amonia <0.25
main tank : 60 gal with about 60lbs of live rock (curing at this time) and 3 inches of live sand

Am I doing something wrong?
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what kind of lighting is on your refugium, and what is your calcium level at?
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1 14 watt 10,000k daylight t5 fluorescent lamp
1 14 watt 10,000k daylight t5 blue actinic fluorescent lamp

calcium level around 400 --btw should i be dosing the tank with calcium at this stage (cycling) already bought it i got Reef complete and i also got purple up.

thanks for the help.
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