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Which type?

This is a discussion on Which type? within the Saltwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Saltwater Aquariums category; --> In a 75 gallon tank you will need 2 powerheads, in addition to the hang on filters....

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In a 75 gallon tank you will need 2 powerheads, in addition to the hang on filters.
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thats what i thought. just wanted to make sure.
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a few things come to mind,

i honestly would wait before getting anything and save money while researching. this will allow you to be prepared for whats to come, spend money on only what you need, and get what you really want instead of settling for something sub par.
your also going to want to use RO/DI water. you call the units pricey but if you calculate

$.50 - $1.00 per gallon x75 = 37.50 = $75.00
3 gallons a day (give or take) of evaporation which needs to replaced with fresh RO water = $1.50=$3.00
x365 = 547.50 = $1095.00

ofcourse these are rough estimates, and not to mention having to lug buckets to and from the store makes buying an RO/DI unit cheap. using tap water will lead to more problems then you want to address.

as for the clowns and damsels, clowns are in the damsel family. your not going to want to mix different clowns as it is risky and damsels tend to be nasty to any other new additions you add to the tank. if you make the damsel the last addition i would prob. work out nicely but release to properly stock a tank it takes months if not years. slow and steady wins the race.
if you post up a list of fish you like we could assist in helping you with which ones would be best.
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I already have the money saved for doing mst of this. I cant buy the live rock all at once, not at the prices my lfs sells it for (10 bucks a lb). But i already bought the tank. have a connection on the two powerheads needed. and will look into a skimmer in the next few days. Im buying all of the live sand needed, once the tank it up and cycled through. (no point buying sand, when i cant put it in until the rock is cured and the water levels are good). As for the fish, My lfs store has the crappiest selection of saltwater fish i have ever seen. they have like one type of damsels, and their clownfish selection is kinda ehhh. they have sharks, (which id ont want) and a snowflake eel (whichI dont want) and few other stuff, but nothing that i really like. So i am probably going to be buying my fish online. So the following are the fish I am intersted in, but not set on getting, I also know that temperments have to be met with diff types of fish. Any advice you hav would be great. (number of fish not decided on yet)
FYI this list of fish are the ones I like, not the ones I plan on getting right now and putting together.
Yellowtail Damselfish
Canary deep water damselfish (possibility)
Blue Sapphire damselfish
Blue tang (possibility)
Blue-Green Reef Chromis
Ocellaris clownfish
some typeof goby, not sure yet.
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