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too much filtration?

This is a discussion on too much filtration? within the Saltwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Saltwater Aquariums category; --> pasfur the tank has been salt water for over a year with these rocks in there. the rocks were in the tank when it ...

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pasfur the tank has been salt water for over a year with these rocks in there. the rocks were in the tank when it was brackish too(but not with live rock obvisouly)
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Originally Posted by slick fish View Post
this is awsome!i want to try a "scrubber" before i go and get a skimmer. i know skimmers work but i want a bigger tank and i want to get a huge skimmer for it when the time comes so i was gunna give the scrubber a try( its almost free)
how much sand should i have, i have bout 40 lbs in it now
i also have a 20 gal long under my 55 not attached ,it has a nasty blue damsel in it and it has bout 20 lbs of sand in it should i put this sand in my 55 little by little,i also have 40 lbs of crushed coral ,dry in a bag should i put this in the 20 gal .the 20 has a fluval 1 w/ a costom spray bar and a heater and sum reef rubble

my rocks are not all store bought live rock there a mix from when i had my brackish setup (maroonish "volcanoe" rock very poreis,and "lace"rock ,both bought dry and i put them in my brackish setup and they have been in the tank ever scince but when i went full salt i got like 30 lbs of live rock to fill up the wall of rock i was cerating has the non live rock become live with bactera?i have got corriline alge growing over sum of them...
please help me dude
lace rock (tuffa) and volcanic rock should not be considered reef safe, both are prone to heavy metals, toxins etc, they can look fantastic but I would pull them out like now. Did you ever treat the tank or these rocks with copper or cupramine?
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nope never had sick fish thank god!!i have seen the lace rock used as base rock and the other both used in my lfs even with corals and sum very delicate fish, i was just wondering if this rock would become somewat live over time if seeded with real live rock? read the rest of the thread fore more info. Pictures by slick_fish - Photobucket
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