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supreme magdrive pumps

has any one heard anything about these pumps? There price is good and there flow rate is just were i want it.
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I dislike Mag Drive. They are cheap beacuse they are made locally. Eheim makes a far superior pump. Mags use twice as much electricity and get hot while running. This makes for a hot reef tank and that's bad news. Eheims use less wattage to run and that directly translates into cooler running temps. Mags tend to vibrate and run noisy. This is the old Porsche VS Chevy thread. You get what you pay for. Also what do you plan to do with this pump? 350gph is very low. You wouldn't really be able to use it as a return pump as it would have hardly and GPH at the outlet in the tank. To much head pressure.
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Oh i thought a 350 pump would ruffly be 300 gph at the return end. What model eheim would you recemend? Or what about quit one
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I can recommend a pump only if you tell me what it will be used for. A return pump? How high will the lift be from the sump back to the top of the tank? PVC or tubing? If PVC what size and how many elbows or AKA 90s? How many GPH are you wanting in the tank?
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mike you know what im using it for But just a reminder its going in a 10 gallon sump and we agreed that 300 gph would be good. I plan on using pvc. I bought a 600 gph overflow off ebay. And in not sure how many 90s i will have on the tubing, probly 3.
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Oh ya in not sure how high but prolly like 3 1/2 feet.
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I agreed that 300gph flow in the MAIN tank would be good. There is a huge difference between saying a 350gph pump in a sump will return that kind of flow in the main tank.

A quick estimate is that you would have 200gph flow in the tank.
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Ok than maybe the eheim 635 gph but it uses 65 watts! that seems like alot.
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I believe the 1060 looked to be about 340gph in the main tank. 65w? That sounds a lot like the 1260. Way to much pump for you. I'd use that on a 75g.
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