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Sump in stand with no holes

Sumps are very good at allowing Oxygen exchange because of the massive amount of surface movement. However, my new tank stand has no open areas. The only open hole is a 2 inch hole I drilled to get plugs in and out. My tank will not have covers on it but I am still worried about a lack of oxygen. Should I cut a large hole in the back of the stand to allow air to come in and out? My fuge will have a light on 24/7 so it would be nice to allow none of the light to escape.
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If it is just air you want, setup a simple fan that blows air in through a pipe. If you put an elbow on the end of the pipe inside then the light should not escape.
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I think that is the route that I am going to go. I talked to the stand manuf. and they said that I should not cut out the back as it is structural. Im just going to add some of the fans that are used in canopies. 2 in and 2 out I think should be enough.
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I'm a bit confused. Are you planning on a drilled tank or adding an overflow box? I've added several overflow boxes to tanks that are on stands with full backs. if it's for running pies to an overflow box, drill your holes at least 4" from any edge and you will be fine. The strength is in the corners of the stand, not the middle.
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No, the tank is RR. Since the sump is not covered there will be moisture that has no where to go because the stand is completely enclosed. Also there will be less oxygen exchange if no new air can get into the stand. I drilled a small hole for power chords and thats the only hole in the stand. (Besides the one on top for the pipes. I was going to make some holes and install some canopy fans the keep the stand ventilated. The stand maker told me that I could drill a couple holes but removing a large portion of the stand back is not a good idea.
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Don't worry about it. You won't have that much evap to make a difference and yes air will get in there. It's not an air tight enclosure. I'm sure if I could ball you up and fit you in there, you wouldn't suffocate to death any time soon. If you are truly worried cut a small opening for a computer fan and mount it so that air draws out, not in. This will increase the airflow. But you won't have any trouble.
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