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Some Filter Questions

I have a 47gallon Bow front Salt Water Aquarium. I have 40lbs of live sand, and 49lbs of live rock. I have a simple hang over the top 3 stage Aquaclear Filter. 2 Fish 1 blue damsel and 1 Stripe Damsel. My tank is only 3 weeks old with saltwater, 2 with the Rock. My "plan" is the slowly build this into a reef tank. I'm having some issues with Filtration systems.. most people seem to like sumps. I have no room for a sump. I looked into the Bak Pak 2r+ but have only saw complaints on the micro bubbles.

So, i was hoping for some expert advice on some filters to look into, any info will help. Brand, type, and size.

I think in the 300.00 range for the filtration system is the most I can put into it.

Thanks for the help!
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no filter, the only mechanical filtration should be a very good protien skimmer. (its more complicated then this but the basics of a reef tank is good protien skimmer, good flow and good lights) unless kept clean every few days/once a week minimum the filter acts against you by collecting detritus/debris and putting nitrates into your water.
natural filtration is accomplished with live rock and live sand and good flow through out the tank.

i encourage a sump/refugium as it will add water volume to your tank, offer a place to put a protein skimmer and even cheato can build one very easily from an old tank as oppose to spending hundreds for a prebuilt one online. there is no possible way of putting a sump under the tank? next to the tank?
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Thanks for the help, I would love to put sump/refugium under my tank, the bow front stand it comes with has shelves and only a 15 inch across tented class cabinet. I have not found anything that would work, to fit that 15" area. I've looked or maybe im not looking in the right area. Any suggestions?
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For an aquarium as small as 47 gallons, although a sump is preferable, you can get by without one. A hang on protein skimmer, live rock, and 3 - 4'' aragonite sand bed would be ideal for your needs.

The question on the model of skimmer depends on your future plans. Do you want something adequate for your size tank, but not large enough to upgrade to a larger tank in the future? Or would it be best to purchase a skimmer which could handle a 75 gallon system?

For a 47 gallon reef, look at the SeaClone 150. If you really want an awesome hang-on that could upgrade to a 75 gallon, look into the Berlin models. Both are available at a nice discount from Aquarium Supplies, Pet Supplies and Pond Supplies by That Fish Place - That Pet Place.

For the record, the BakPak would not be enough skimming, in my experience with this skimmer. I would no go over a 38 gallon reef using a BakPak, preferably not over a 29 gallon. The bubble complaints can be solved by adding some live rock rubble into the output chamber, or some bioballs that are cleaned every week or so.

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