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Saltwater tank with Canister Filter

Has anybody ever successfully run a reef tank with a canister filter? The pet store down the road from me says it’s no problem, but from what I have read on the web it’s no good. If you have, please let me know what kind of media you use and how long you have been doing it?[/b]
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It is considered a no no. Ask your LFS to give specific reasoning for running a can. The problem with cans and why they have fallen out of favor, is that protien skimmers are thousands of times more efficient. A skimmer removes waste forever. Period, end of story. Cans trap detritus ina suspended media. If left unattended long enough this will deteriorate and leech back into the water. The other problem is that they become biological timebombs. Personally I believe that a low amount, 20ppm or less, of nitrAtes is a sign of a happy well functioning biological filter. It shows that there is an end product to the cycle. Cans (and bioballs in a wet/dry) will fill up with so much waste that the end product, nitrAte, can overwhelm the system and be so high that water changes won't help. Cans are good on reefs as water polishers. Put some fresh carbon in it with clean media, run for a few hours and your tank should shine. I'd prefer to just do a water change. I also did not believe the hype about cans until I removed mine. My SPS corals have begun a growth spike that was unseen before I did.

In the end you can run a can but you still should run a skimmer. Plan to clean the can weekly for best results. It should only be used for mechanical filtration on a reef.
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I also did not believe the hype about cans until I removed mine. My SPS corals have begun a growth spike that was unseen before I did.
caferacermike I hope your right I took my off completely now. I just tring new things out that I read about.
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Filter system

What filter system do you recommend other that a skimmer? Can anybody recommend a skimmer? How about a AquaC Remora skimmer?(need hang on)

55 Gal. Saltwater, Just started!
1 inch of live sand
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I used to recommend the Aqua C until I actually bought one. It never lived up to it's expectations. I've been hearing great things about the Coralife skimmers. Unattractive but seem to be working well. I'm not sure of which model it is, think it's the 220(?), but the lesser sized ones use a bad pump. It is seriously recommended in numerous circles to get the larger one.
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