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refuge hep

This is a discussion on refuge hep within the Saltwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Saltwater Aquariums category; --> hey i have a 30 gal reef tank and was wanting to have an overflowbox and sump to increase water volume , and get ...

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Old 04-18-2009, 10:32 AM   #1
refuge hep

hey i have a 30 gal reef tank and was wanting to have an overflowbox and sump to increase water volume , and get rid of unsightly equip. and macro algae from main tank how big would i need to go 300gph? 600 of bigger? Or if there is any better options for me

any insight would b greatly appreciated
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Welcome to the forum.

The size of the pump is going to be determined by the size of your overflow box. If you have one that's rated for 300gph and get a pump that pushes 750gph, then you're going to have a wet floor. Keep in mind though that the 750gph is rated for right at the outlet. If you put a 6ft pipe then a sweep it'll decrease the flow significantly. There are calculators that can show you the gph drop you'll get. A 500gph will be a lot closer to what you would need (this is all hypothetical to your application. I would need plumbing ideas before i can make any correct assessments).

Check Understanding Sumps for far more insight.
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Old 04-19-2009, 06:12 PM   #3
thanx i was going to use two 1" u tubes and a 1" drain same on the return and return would be about 3ft or so will the overflow stay siphoned if my pump has a slower rate then that of the overflow and has ne one made an overflow ,the cheaper the better
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Old 07-20-2009, 01:37 PM   #4
New Sump Set up Equipment?

Am setting up a sump on my new 56 gal corner set up in my guest room. So far am using a Fluval 405 cannister filter (no media...just polishing pad and few bits of live rock inside) for flow purposes. Plan to add two Koriella 2 wave/water circulators to help flow. Currently tank is set up with salt water mixed/aged and has been filled and is cycling now.

Sump being set up is a Proclear 60 Slimline Wet Dry
Proclear 60 Slimline Wet Dry + Prefilter: Aquarium Supplies - Aqua Buys

this was chosen cause it was the ONLY commercial sump I could fit under the stand for the tank. tried a 10gal old tank and it was about a few inches too big as the curve of the stand limits space either length wise or depth wise. Height is good.

Am going to add about 1" of substrate to the bottom of one of the chambers/baffles and add a separate skimmer. So far this one I've found fits pretty well:

Marineland 100 Advanced skimmer
Aquarium Protein Skimmer: Marineland Pro Skimmers

Return Pump wise am looking at a Mag Drive 3
Mag Drive 3 Pump 350 GPH: Aquarium Supplies - Aqua Buys
Am thinking or leaning toward a Mag Drive 5 but worried if it will fit in the sump OR provide too much flow back to the main tank and overflow the overflow box/prefilter.

Also am worried about loss of power/siphon break and flooding...any pros or cons vs the
ESHOPP prefilters vs the CPR prefilters?
Reef Aquarium Filtration: Eshopps Overflow Boxes
CPR Overflow Box

Yes my sump kit did not come with a prefilter as I think it was ordered for a reef ready tank which mine is not (no interal baffle area).

Other than the above is there anything I am forgetting?

Also I have another tank which I am considering adding a hang on back refigium later on. No space otherwise to move the tank nor is there any space in/under the stand to put one? Any review or experience with the folllowing?

CPR Aquafuge 2 Refugium MD 18: Aquarium Supplies - Aqua Buys

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this prob. isnt possible now but my vote is drill the tank.
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