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and should i have it so that there is air bubbles coming out of the powerheads or no ?
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I would not use the venturi feature on the power heads. The venturi would be used if the power head were attached to a protein skimmer, which i hope you have.

What sort of filtration do you have. Filters move water. What are you using?
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whats venturi? and i have a penguin 200 and 350. and i dont have a protein skimmer
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Venturi is the adaptor on the power head that allows air to be mixed with water, producing bubbles.

In my opinion, you are WAY off track at the moment, in terms of keeping a marine aquarium. Your filtration is inadequate, unless you plan on a very large amount of weekly upkeep. Without knowing the background, this sounds like a converted freshwater system.

What sort of livestock do you intend to keep? What is your experience level in marine aquariums?
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sorry to mention that im a noob at this sorry. so how would i hook up the venturi to the protein skimmer if the skimmer is going to be in the sump? im planning on just having live sand and live rock and a couple of fishes. so my filters are no good in this set up?
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A protein skimmer needs a source of bubbles. The venturi adaptor mixes air with water, producing bubbles inside the aquarium. See my comments to your other thread on skimmer choices.
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ac70 w/ quick filter attachment
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Ok, I'd like a recommendation as well.. My future setup:

- 140G FOWLR tank
- Tunze DOC 9010 skimmer in sump


2 tangs (yellow tang, hepatus)
1 trigger (clown)
1 percula clown
1 morey eel

I still need to buy a circulation pump for sump, pump for skimmer and display circulation pumps.

Thanks in advance.
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i do not suggest keeping 2 yellow tangs. 1 will over dominate the other. keeping either 1 or 3 of a similiar color/body shaped tang is best to avoid aggression.

i dont understand why you need circulation pumps for in your sump, please explain.
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