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Question about Sump

I was wondering if I need a sump for my tank. It is a 20g (20 Long) and it has a Millenium 3000 filter running on it and a good light. Thats all. I plan on keeping a reef (corals, inverts, maybe a fish or two).

If I did end up making a sump, I would be using a 10g tank. I have no experience building anything or putting anything together (when we put our futon together, we built it backwards).

Also are there any other pieces of equipment I will need to maintain a healthy reef? Powerheads? Skimmers? Ect?
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I would recommend a sump for your tank as I have a Millenium 3000 also. I think the M 3000 was designed for SW Fish only/FW tanks. I'd recommend a either the MegaFlow model 1 or the Eshopps WD-75CS. As for building a sump, I haven't done that before, that's something you'll probably want to ask in the DIY section.

Hope this helps
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I won't be going out and buying a new filter, so I'll have to work with what I have, even if that means more frequent water changes, big sump, ect.

Also, what kind of equipment is needed for a sump? I've seen pictures of sumps on here and they look complicated to build. Lots of pipes and such. What are the basic pieces of equipment that I will need to turn my 10g into a sump.
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For plumbing it from the tank and back, PVC or vinyl. Most sumps have a protein skimmer, but not all. You'll need a tank, some acrylic sheets to split it into different sections, and an external over-flow for your tank (I recommend you buy this because if it's done wrong your sump would over flow). On the topic of building a sump you'll get more answers in the DIY section.
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Originally Posted by Twitch
I won't be going out and buying a new filter, so I'll have to work with what I have, ............
That is most certainly not the attitude of a reefkeeper bound for success. If you are not willing to upgrade to the proper equipment, perhaps you may want to reconsider attempting a Fish-only setup. A small reef will be extremely difficult to maintain without the proper equipment and experience. I would recommend you consider getting, at the very least, a 29 gallon tank, make your 20g into the sump, and invest in the overflow, and maybe a coralife superskimmer 75. That coupled with a bare minimum of 130 watts of PC lighting would be enough to get you started with a small soft coral dominated reef.

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