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power head

i have a 75 gal sw tank fowlr, a wetdry filter should i add a power head to the set up or will the return from the pump be enough i have one from when i had the tank as a freshwater (i know i`m asking a lot of questions but i want to do this right) the tank has cycled but i`m waiting a couple of week to add fish to make sure it is going ok ( look at last post)
thanks for all the help
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I'd go for plenty of flow. Shoot for at least 15 times the tank volume hourly for a clean tank. The more flow the better your filter will work. the detritus won't settle into the sand and rock or bottom of tank. It will be suspended so that the intake can actually grab it. I have a couple of large pumps in my 75g. It's a mix of 2 1,600gph Tunze Streams and Seio M620's. They are on a wave maker to break up the flow patterns. The Tunze's are on a photoeye. that way they only work when the halides come one. It gives the tank a few hours of rest with "only" about 1,400gph. Otherwise it's closer to 3,200gph during peak time.
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the power head i have is a aquaclear 70 is this ok or should i get a different one
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How many gallons/hour is it rated?
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I believe the Aquaclear70 is a HOT filter box right? "Rated" for about a 70g, or IMO a 20g, tank. If that is all of your current..... Well you'll def not want to try SPS and your tank will quickly develop stagnant areas.
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it is a hot i have that and the returne from the wet/dry filter i guess i should get a bigger one will start looking today (what is sps?)
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Small Polyp Stony Corals.
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How much do you have running through your wet-dry?
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