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Interesting. I prefer the cabinet stand, but expected to be encouraged otherwise. Good.

I will take some measurements in the next week or so and we can continue this discussion. Thanks Steve.
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another note on the Cabinet, the enclosed space will help to decrease your evaporation rate as well. I built my stand and got the 75g system up and running back in the end of november. Due to time restrictions, I put off building the doors until just recently. With the addition of the doors, I saw at least a 50% drop in the evaporation.

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Ok mark, here's my suggestion. You should be okay with a 40g breeder for a sump with four 12" high baffles. The 40g breeder dimensions are 36 3/8 x 18 1/4 x 16 15/16. & here's how I'd do it.

11"fuge | 10" return" | 1" BT | 1" BT | 12" skimmer

Total Sump capacity - 33 gallons
Tank capacity 130 gallons (estimated with displacement of 4" sandbed and live rock)
Total system water volume 163 gallons.
Refugium volume 10.25 gallons (this is below the recommended 10%)
Skimmer/inlet section volume 11.20 gallons
Return section volume 9.35 gallons (appx 5-6 gallons of allowable evap daily depending on pump dimensions)
Bubble trap volume 2 gallons.

The only issue here is the Fuge size. If you are having a custom sump built, have them make it 18x48x16. then increase your fuge to 16"-20". split the remainder of the space up between your return and skimmer sections as needed/desired.

The dimensions I've provided are only a starting point. The skimmer section may be reduced depending your needs based on the footprint of the skimmer you choose, so the fuge section could be adjusted by the difference. The return section may also be adjusted based on the evaporation rate in your home. Utimately, the 10% fuge volume is just a recommendation. A 10 gallon fuge in that system will still serve good purpose.

Take pride in what you do, for it is a reflection of who you are.

The Haunting Grounds - SKAustin's Reef Diary - Part 2 (the 75g upgrade)
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interesting enough i have a 40 breeder sump so i thought i would share alittle on mine.
my dementions are:
| skimmer section; alittle shy of 8'' | BT | Return; 6'' | BT | Refuge; 17''
the bubble traps make up the remainder, theres 1 inch between each plus the thickness of the baffle, i also added a rectangle inlet on the refuge side so my water is slow flowing in this area. its a simple 8''x3'' rectangle that the water flows into, over and through the fuge.
i used 3/8ths acrylic actually polycarbonate that i picked up cheaper then the thin stuff at a hardware store from a sign company in PA that sold is as "scrap"
the rock in the fuge was in another tank but recently just added it to the system as shortly ill be switching everything over to the new setup

heres the best i can get of the inlet rectangle i mentioned

heres the skimmer side with carbon/phos reactors and where the pump, pumps water out to the skimmer and flows back in, if you have an out of sump skimmer you can cut back on the room needed in the skimmer section

and the MRC-MR2 skimmer

have you picked a skimmer out yet or thought about models?
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I am looking at 3 model simmers.

The ASM G-3, which needs a 12'' x 11'' area inside the sump:
ASM G-3.jpg

I was looking at this skimmer today and was very impressed with the design. The neck is unrestricted and does not decrease in circumference, which I consider critical. The collection cup is very easy to remove, which will be handy inside a sump.

The Marine Series Advanced 300, which only needs a 6'' area:
Marine Series 300.jpg

And the Berlin X2 Turbo, which is another 12'' model:
Belin X2 Turbo.jpg

The Berlin is only rated at 125 gallons for a soft coral reef, but i've seen it in action and consider it one of the most effective on the market for its size.
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nice choices. i had an asm mini G on my tank going for awhile and it pulled some nice gunk but since i recently picked up the beast the mini's collecting dust. i know your well aware of the importance of skimming.
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I was given an ASM g2 (I think), wish i knew more about it. If you do get it, let me know your oppinion on it.

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you were given the skimmer? are you using it? what dont you know that you need to?
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