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Don't let pictures fool you! The trim around some tanks is not the same as others. One trick I have used is to take black electrical tape, wrap it across the bottom edge to make the trim appear higher, so the sand does not look so deep. Plus, I try to really stick to the 4'' depth, and not push much higher.

But no, i would discourage a slant. You will have different types of bacteria growing at different depths, as opposed to encouraging denitrifying bacteria across the entire sand bed. I wouldn't be opposed to a 3'' depth on the front glass, but you really want to get as close to a 4'' depth as possible, in my experience, to get the denitrification you are looking for.

This is something to consider on future tank projects. My original reef was a 38 gallon, which is a 29 gallon tank with an extra 4'' in height. I choose a 38 on purpose so that the height of the sand would not distract from the tank.
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Yeah good idea, Thanks for the input Pasfur. I'll most likely be going with the electrical tape idea. I definitely do want the 4'' sand bed. I'll keep this all in mind in future tank buys, this is still only the second tank I've ever purchased anyway o.o Skimmer and powerheads get here this wednesday, heater friday and not too sure when the dry rock and sand will get here to be honest.
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When the powerheads arrive you may as well go ahead and get the salt mixed in the tank, using the power heads for circulation. Be sure to leave plenty of room for water displacement when you add the rocks and sand.
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Ah ok cool. Any salt mix you prefer or suggest? Still not sure when the rocks and sand get here actually o.o
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Originally Posted by Pasfur View Post
First, let me comment more on the sand. I am not sure 40 pounds is going to be enough for a 38 gallon tank, but would probably be about right in a 29 gallon. You want the sand bed to be 4'' in depth, not to exceed 6''. The key is to reach a full 4'' depth. Levels of sand below 4'' are not as effective at providing dentrification, and can actually accumulate detritus areas that cause negative impact on phosphates and alkalinity.

If you order 40 pounds from MaroRocks and it is not deep enough, then just add some more "reef grade" aragonite purchased from the LFS.

For clean up crew I believe less is more. So many people over stock the CUC only to see the animals slowly starve. I use about 1 hermit per 10 gallons and 1 snail per 15 gallons.
let me interject on this 40 lbs for 29 gallon.

the sandbed will not be over 2 inches, but well over 1 inch -- so I suggest 50 lbs of sand if possible
good ol' aragonite live sand.

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