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I used a Magnum350 for several years on a 55 gallon freshwater. The filter is easy enough to use and reliable. Be sure to use the easy quick connect valves for easy cleaning, because you will be cleaning frequently on a marine aquarium. I agree, you will want to clean the filter media at least 2 times per week, MINIMUM. Otherwise phosphate buildup and algae become a huge issue.
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The easy quick connect valves are included in the package for the canister,right? Or do they need to be purchased seperately. I have never used a canister filter before.
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So, basically I found out today, after going to three different places, that my magnum 350 just doesnt work... none of them could figure it out, and one place in particular, Fintastic, is a great store with very reliable workers. None of them could get it started and they work with filters all the time. So I am in the hunt for a GOOD protein skimmer for my 45 gallon tank. Only thing is when I was there they said most of the protein skimmers do not come with any tubing (i think thast what they referred to it as) and you have to buy an extra part for it just to work.... is this true with all skimmers? What is a good one i can get that comes with EVERYTHING i will need?
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I have no idea why you would need to buy tubing to make a protein skimmer function. It sounds like they are trying to sell you an air driven model? Lets move on and talk about protein skimmers that are available in this decade, as opposed to those dust collecting models on the shelf at your LFS.

First, you have to set a budget. We can spend between $100 and $1000 on a skimmer, and the more you pay the better it will be. I really like the Berlin X2 venturi model skimmer, which you can get for right under $200 from Aquarium Supplies, Pet Supplies and Pond Supplies by That Fish Place - That Pet Place. It can be used as a hang on or sump model, and is well suited for aquariums up to 125 gallons if used in a sump application.

If your budget is larger and you are already planning or using a sump, then I would suggest looking at the ASM model skimmes. I use an ASM G3 on my 180 FOWLR.
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I went ahead and got an aqua c ps. Seemed to be the most consistently good skimmer in its price range.
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Purchased 30 lbs of fiji base rock today. Plan adding a few lbs of live rock as well.
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