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Originally Posted by warrior32 View Post
well actually it will onyl increse it a small protion most of the nitrates come from the bio load of the fish how much you feed them and how well you do you tank maintenance... a 15-25% water change weekly will lower my nitrates along with regular feeding times which will not rpoduce alot of a bio load plus a clean up crew which some of them sift threw the sand finding any other debris. so i dont see how i will increse my nitrates to the point where i will harm my fish. what do you recommened for filtration in the power filter remeber it also has an oxy skimmer which works about the same as a protein skimmer and a filter which is bigger than the tank needs will collect and excess large which the oxy skimmer collects small debris
You are skipping the details. Nitrates do not come from fish. Organic waste comes from fish and decaying waste in the aquarium. These are organic acids, or "organics".

There is simply no reason to allow organics to become Nitrate. Not only are Nitrates a source of stress, even at 15-20 ppm, but Nitrates require you to do larger and more frequent water changes. These water changes are another stress on your fish, and cost you money. In addition, the process of biological filtration allows the acids to remove carbonates from your buffer system, resulting in wider pH swings, more testing, and more buffering. Further, this entire process inputs Phosphates into your system as a byproduct of the water flowing thru the organics which are bonded to your biological filter materials. Phosphates cause algae problems and can indirectly cause more issues with maintaining a stable alkalinity.

This is saltwater. You can not simply test for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH and then think you have an acceptable environment for fishkeeping. Your long term success depends on the stability of the system and lessening the amount of time you spend altering the environment.
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I just did a google on "Oxy Skimmer". This is NOT anything like a protein skimmer. You are confusing the terms. Yes, this unit skims proteins from the surface of the water, but it does not remove the proteins from the water.

The technical term, in our hobby, is a Foam Fractionator. This is what the hobby today calls a "protein skimmer", or "skimmer".
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