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lighting schedule

Are lunar and actinic the same? If not could someone give me a schedule for mh actinic and lunar. I have not introduced any animals yet.

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no they are not i dont think, lunar are at 1/2 watts to 2 watts i think, they are just led lights that resemble light from the moon. Antic lighting is a blue clolor lighting that is used in photosynthesis and is a great thing to have with corals although not needed in fish only tanks.
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Heres my schudule:
Actinics: 9:30am -9:30pm
MH: 12:00-8:00pm
Luner lights: 11:00pm-2:00am

I do not have my luners on every night.
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usmc121581, I have a coralife single timer. I plan to purchase another. So the actinic and the day lights should be on at the same time sometimes?

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Yes, they will be on depending on how long you keep MH's running.
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Lunar lights are only t make the fish feel comfortable. the oceans are not cave dark at night, this helps simulate that. Actinics are a completely different beast altogether. It is a different spectrum of light that should run simultaneous to your regular day lighting.

My schedule.

actinic, 12k power compact mix 12:01pm-11:00pm.
MH 14K 3:00pm-9:30pm
Lunar leds 10:00pm-12:30 pm.

The overlapping helps prevent a huge change from light to dark which can spook fish.
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Your antics should be on for 12 hours, then the lunar.
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man you guys run halides a long ass time. The halides are supposed to mimc the sun at its ulltimate power. So if you are going for natural lighting shouldnt you do like a 12-5 only?
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