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You could use your 50/50 flourescent bulb for corals like leathers, polyps. But I wouldn't do it with much. I can see that you are excited that you have a salty tank.
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Hi Nick,

Thank you for telling me about your experience with the 50/50 light. It sounds like it makes a big difference from the standard fluorescent. Congratulations on the new saltwater tank! :)

The 50/50 is the bulb I was told about as an alternative to a different fixture, but I wondered if something else might be even better. For instance, it appears they sell a 48" actinic blue bulb, Magtinic, Trichromatic, white actinic...

Does anyone know which brings out color the best in a fish only tank?

There are 35 or so different bulbs for sale at foster smith:

Mike aka "Admin"
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50/50 will by far.
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If it were me I'd try getting some bare retro's from hellolights (oh if we could get them as a sponsor). You'd have a reflector, clips, sockets and ballasts. Just screw the pieces to the canopy for about half the cost of a fixture. I'd try to get at least 3x 3 foot PC bulbs. 2 full actinics and one 14K or so. That will give you some light for the tank and 2 super color bulbs. I have another thought as well. I have 12 tombstone waterproof end caps and and 2 ballasts for T12 floruos. If you are willing to buy just new bulbs I'll work out something for getting you set up with 3 overdriven HO T12 48" lights. You'll need to get a mirror or a reflector to screw or glue to the canopy. Let me know what you decide. I can take a pic of what I have as it is currently mounted to my old lid.
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Thank you for confirming that 50/50 bulbs are better than regular flourescents, usmc.

Caferacermike, thank you and I appreciate the ideas but screwing/gluing/mounting/constructing is a little bit beyond where I'm at at the moment. I just got a beautiful stand and canopy, my first, and I don't trust myself not to mutilate them in an attempt to do a custom job.

I think I am best off sticking with the fixture that I already have which fits nicely under the canopy for now.

I checked and I have a 48" 32 Watt Fluorescent bulb from All Glass Aquarium in there now. I called Dr.s Foster and Smith and the person I spoke to said that I already had a color enhancing bulb and he could not think of one that would improve the color without changing the fixture.

Do you think this is true or do you think the rep did not know what he is talking about and a 50/50 bulb would make it look even better?
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