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Ok, I'm working on turning my original 55 gal. FOWLR tank into a reef. All I have in the tank is 55 lbs live rock, 40 lbs crushed coral, a firefish, and a cleanup crew. I can't possibly afford metal halides, so I'm going with multiple flourescents (3-110 watt bulbs). That is 6 wats per gallon, so I'm planning on low-moderate light inverts. Oh! I also have a 170 gph powerhead, and I'm about to get another one. Is this ok?
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Umm what kind of light is it? Ho, No, Vho?

And who is it made by.
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Now that I don't know. I'll look it up and tell you tomorrow.
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Please do because I have never heard of 110watt florescent bulbs.
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im pretty sure thats VHO, a 48 inch tube is 110 watts i think.....
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Probably but if i were him/her i'd stick to t5's cause there less money and still good.
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You'd be alright with the VHO if you choose them in the 10-14K range. Your corals will not have that ultra bright coloration you'd get from actinic lighting. Maybe just add one T5 full length with a full actinic bulb to supplement your main lighting.

Oh and change the bulbs you do have, they are probably tired and need replacing.
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Yeah, they're VHO's. I'll have one 50/50 12000 K actinic white and 2-blue true actinics in a triple tube strip light. That's what I'm planning on. All the bulbs are 110 watts each. That's 330 watts, 7 watts per gallon. All suggestions are welcomed. Oh, sorry it took so long to reply. I broke my toe, then I stepped on a rusty nail, so I haven't been on the internet for a while.
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