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post #11 of 18 Old 01-28-2007, 10:42 AM Thread Starter
I think i changed my mind again lol. I might go with a 70 watt halide but i will buy a ballast and bulb and then ill buy a 10 dollar security light and mod it. Has any one had any luck with this?
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Brandon the first thing you'll need to do is sit down and figure out what you want from the tank before anyone can give good advice. A 70w halide would be awesome for a pico SPS tank. It'd show some serious dedication. But in sucha small tank you'd want some very prized SPS and that can get expensive. You'll need to think about what colors you want to have, IE will one bulb do it or will you need actinic supplements. A very popular light for refugiums is the Lights of America flood lamp for $40 at H depot. It's a Flourex 6,500K light that generates some serious brightness. The spectrum is perfect for growing corals but the light is kinda yellow, your corals will grow fast but won't have much color. If you just want some mushrooms and zoa a 24w PC bulb might work.
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First of all whats sps and the other one. Wouldnt a 70 halide work for softies? Im kinda confused cause dont coral need lots of light or do softies nee less cause i thought the rule was 4 watts per 1 gallon. So i could buy a retro build your own light? or not retro and whats actinic. Also are there any h depot bulbs that arent yellow? do you have a pic with it on?

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Oh im sorry guys i never though a led could light a aquarium.
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Okay i think that one of these are going to be my final dicision is one of these now what one would be best for zoas rics (softies). Thanks



Also has any one had luck with these maby take a pic with them on?

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Go with the first one if you must because corals dont use much of the white light. They zooplankton that is hosted within them use the blue spectrum to feed the coral. How much are you looking at spending for a light?
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dude those are 20 inches your tanks gunna be 17 inches? But if you dont mind.
You whant the 50/50 one not the 6500k that ones more fore growing freshwater plants.
Im tellin you this is what you want, they make a duel 15 incher(not shown) with actanic and 10 k that would be awsome for your tank.
Or you could get this one in the 70 watt. I havent heard anything about this brand but im sure it would be fine for your tank.
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