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I have a lot of reptiles in the house and some of them are in tanks with infared heat bulbs. Currently I have a 20L saltwater tank next to my 10g corn snake tank. The infared light shines into the 20L. I was wondering, since lighting is such a big thing with sw tanks, is the infared going to have any kind of negative or positive affect on any inhabitants in the tank? The light stays on 24/7 since the snake cannot see infared light. The sw tank doesn't have any inhabitants yet but it does have LS and 4lbs of LR.

Any thoughts on this?
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I am not a big salt expert, but lighting is on of my subjects of study. I doubt that fish, or any water creature sees lighting the red spectrum. My reasoning for saying this is that there are light manufactures make red lights for viewing nocturnal predators in aquariums. If the fish could see that spectrum, they would not pursue their natural instincts.
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Hi, new to these forums. I think twitch is right about the fish and other marine animals probably don't see in IR however the question I would ask is what affect infared would have on things like algea growth, or bacteria would it cause harm to the levels of helpful bacteria in the tank?
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Again, I would have to say that the red end of the light spectrum would have no effect on bacteria or alagal growth. I base this summation on the fact of the use of UV lighting to sterilize water. The blue end of the light is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the red.
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