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i smy filter good enough??

i have a 10 gal tank im making salt water and i made a home made sump using a siphon design out of pvc and a power head for water return. i have a trickle over dish scrubbers instead of bioballs. i also have a cartridge form my HOB filter thats made for my 10 gal and yes my HOB filter is running to. ive herd u can run tanks on only bio filtration then agin ive read that to much bio leads to high nitrates or something so what is best for me? ill be having a FOWLR tank w/ prob 10lbs live rock and at least 2'' of sand part live part aragonite. should i add ne thing else to the sump? its made from a big storage tub.

heres a pic

FW to SW. siphon and sump picture by kimowen04 - Photobucket

siphon intake picture by kimowen04 - Photobucket
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Nice job and good questions.

First, lets talk about biological filtration. You said that biological filtration leads to high nitrates. When applying this question to your dish scrubber system, or any other man-made biological filter, this is a correct statement. The very concept of these biological filters is to break down ammonia and nitrite, with an output of nitrate. It is the INTENTIONAL outcome and purpose of the filter design. You designed a filter to add Nitrates to your aquarium. (long pause.... think about it.... let it sink in for a second)

On the flip side, you will have 10 pounds of live rock and live sand. These offer natural forms of biological filtration which break down ammonia and nitrite, and eventually break down nitrates, with an end result of nitrogen gas, which leaves the system naturally. You have practically zero introduction of nitrate into the aquarium.

You need to remove your dish scrubbers immediately. Just take them out. Replace them with one of the following:
1) A small protein skimmer, set down inside the sump.
2) A chamber full of activated carbon that you rinse weekly and replace monthly. Given that your aquarium is only 10 gallons, this option will work, but will be more expensive long term.

Here is something for you to do as you consider this advice. Take a minute to read the "build" threads located in the Pictures & Videos forum. There are a dozen or so of these projects posted by experienced and successful marine keepers. You will not find a single aquarium that utilizes biological filtration.
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ok as of right now im n the middle of the change from fresh to salt and tmw i will have the rock and sand in and the water will be like sg 1.022 or so because of right now its like 1.011 or higher cuz i have to get a new hydrometer cuz it only goes to 1.011 cuz i did have a brackish tank i used it for. so do they sell packs of carbon i can just put in? and if i decided on a FO i would need the bio filter right? j/w im still doing FOWLR. and how much carbon shoudl i use. is thier a such thing as to much carbon? what exactly does the carbon do chemicaly? im new to this? i plan on making a small skimmer from two air stones. a bottle with slits in the bottom and then and air stone in a tube to draw the water out and a wooden stone inside to make fine bubbles to be collected?
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When it comes to saltwater, it does not matter if you are keeping fish only or reef, the concept is the same. Your live rock and sand will handle the filtration. The skimmer and/or activated carbon compliment the live rock and sand by removing organic acids directly from the water. The organics contribute to phosphates and deplete carbonates, as well as put a stain on the ability of the live rock and sand to break down waste efficiently.

The skimmer design you are describing could work. You may want to use PVC to design the chamber of your skimmer, so that it survives long term. The hardest part is the design of the collection cup.
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dou know why i see set ups like mine on youtube for salt water then?
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pipe fish??

should i get a pipefish in my 10 gal FOWLR tank? which one is best and how hard are they to keep? what about the blue striped pipe fish? and what kinds do most lps sell
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what should i get first in my tank after its cycled? how many inverts like crabs and snails can i have and im only getting two fish thinking maybe a small clown of some sort and then maybe some sort of small gobby? idk? along with as many cleaners as i can get lol
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