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I'm thinking about getting some Hydor Koralias myself, but will probably go with 1's instead of the bigger ones. HK 1's turn over 400 gph and my tank is only 55 gallon so I think I should be good. Also, as for placement, a "fish keeper" at the LFS told me to put one on each end and aim them at each other, causing the waves to churn in the middle of the tank simulating the waves of the ocean.

Now, just to find them at a good price.


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Well I would go with something larger then two #1's that is 800 GPH so your turnover rate would be about 14 times per hour. I like to see it over 20times per hour. My tank is turning over 40 times per hour, but I am growing SPS. I would upgrade to atleast two #2's. JMO
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Originally Posted by Rogergolf66
well I just got 3 of them in the hole in the front of th unit where the spining propeller is. is open not covered by the plastic cover. do I have to worie about fish and snails in there?

Well it happened I have had them running now for about 6months and one of my large orange turbos got stuck in with the propeller. It broke the pump and killed the snail. I don't know why it killed the snail but when I came home I noticed the shell in the casing and I pulled the shell out and no snail inside of it

Only complant about these powerheads. other then that they have been working great. I pull them out every 5 months or so so far and clean them with viniger and water solution.

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I know this is an old thread but I just got a HK 1 and it actually came with a screen for the front of it. Just wanted to let you know though you've probly fixed it by now. :P
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post #15 of 30 Old 12-19-2007, 07:29 AM Thread Starter
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can you post a picture of it. no I didn't fix it. If you don't know how to post it here send to my email


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Ok let's see if I can get this to work...

Here is my Koralia 1 without grill:

Here is both parts of the grill:

Here is the assembled grill:

Here is the grill attached to the Koralia 1:

I haven't tested the pump yet so I don't know if the grill will restrict water flow but I don't like the thought of my firefish wandering into it. *shiver* The grill seems to attach quite well though. You do have to be gentle getting the 2 grill parts to snap together because I could see the grill part breaking. Hope this helps. Sorry if the pictures take a while to load, I was too lazy to resize them myself. :P
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That is nice. did you have to buy it seperate? No problem on the pictures I have cable internet only takes a second. my snail are what go into it not my fish.

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Nope, it came with it. You could probly contact Hydor and ask for one. I'll list the part numbers (in North America) for the "Flow concentrator nozzle" and the "Fish-grid".

Koralia 1 - XP1947
Koralia 2/3 - XP1949
Koralia 4 - XP1951

Hope this helps.
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Thank I will contact them.

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I have been running a 2 for several weeks and it is great. Santa is delivering 2 of the larger size (4) to me this year......

I am looking forward to the increased flow in my tank.

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