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Also I forgot to ask if anyones a good lunar light I could get? I saw 1 or 2 that I liked corallife has a clip on one. What do you guys think?
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As much as I like Hellolights and always recommend them, I'm disappointed that light you showed does not come with actinics. Unless you plan to continue using the light you have and the new light I'd recommend this one. A friend of mine has ordered this light and is very satisifed. It has everything you could want. 12K MH for growth and bright lighting. PC actinics for color and dawn/dusk effect. Moonlights for night time. External ballast to keep the weight down.

If you do not have fish that jump out of the tank I'd recommend you ditch the glass and plan to add water daily. The evaporative water is releasing heat build up in the tank. By trapping the water it heats the tank. Just like the reason why you sweat. The sweat builds up and as it evaporates it creates a cooling effect. You are preventing your tank from sweating.
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Could I use my fixture that I have now with that light? I don't even know how close to the water the light has to be I am thinking of giving them a call again tomarrow.
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You should be able to use your current fixture for your actinic lighting. It's just not a common practice to use only 20K bulbs with coral. It will give the most awesome color but can impeed growth or stunt it altogether.
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I had the option to pick between 10,000K or blue/white 20,000K XDE. I though the 20k would be better. My other question is how would I fit both fixtures up there? If I could avoid hanging the fixture that would be nice.
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This might not be the answer you are looking for but, I have had several versions of lighting over the years and I must say I prefer them suspended from the ceiling. I never have to mess with them. They are always out of my way. I can leave the lightson while fragging, cleaning or arranging. I don't know if that Hellolights kit comes with legs or not. It appears to only be a suspended unit. The one in the Ebay link I sent comes with legs.
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The one I linked didn't come with legs =/ I don't mind hanging it I just didn't want to spend 400+ on lighitng. The one you linked was very nice and it came with the bulbs. You got me thinking about it but if I could use my lighting and one I linked with the 10k bulbs you think that would work? I guess I could hang it.
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It would work but make sure the old set up is not under the new set up. You want it behind the new set up or the new lighting will cast a shadow.
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Hey mike would this one work? Instead of the 250w its a 150w

I am trying to keep it around 300.00 what do you think?
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I'd prefer to see you with the 250w but you will be very satisified with that light. Again my friend Kyle has now bought 3 lights from that manufacturer and has been very happy with what he got for his money. In the end I think you'll be happier with a "all in one" type fixture such as that. With that light you could keep most anything so long as you realize that your SPS and clams will need to be above the halfway mark in your tank.
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