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FIRST 30gallon BUILD

This is a discussion on FIRST 30gallon BUILD within the Saltwater Aquarium Equipment forums, part of the Beginner Saltwater Aquariums category; --> What better way to put this is to say its a build :D So first things first guys, as already mentioned this is my ...

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Old 04-03-2011, 06:21 PM   #1
Red face FIRST 30gallon BUILD

What better way to put this is to say its a build :D

So first things first guys, as already mentioned this is my first saltwater anything. I've done some research I have looked at a couple similar " builds "

Basicly starting from scratch.
30 gallon tank w/ stand. No lights, heater..... nothing

but hey have to start somewhere. I have a petco and petsmart that was fairly nice but he steered me away from salt water in that store.
Found a real marine/freshwater LFS 25 minutes away....they seem better then petco/smart.... everyone was nice they were more then welcome to help.

I've kinda laid out what I would like to see, a few fish and some colorful coral
LFS said T5 lights are where I want to be and more the better. They sell light fixtures that hold 2 lights and i can fit two fixtures on my tank. ( at extreme ) 4 lights.

I've read a few things and people recommend : ^^^^ lights too... probably 1 fixture to start with 2 lights?

basicly my shopping list.

Aqua C Remora Skimmer Heard it was very good but 160 dollars ;/ eek anything similar but cheaper?

LFS said 1 maybe 2 power heads. 30$ a piece ( if I have 2 do coral like more movement? )

Heater... I have no idea what a good reliable one would be please recommend one decent price.

test supplies. ( have read API? i think was good ) for basics... then a calcium tester ?

sand ? Im just going to get LFS dry sand

Live rock ( DANG 30 lbs in a 30 gallon tank ) LFS is 8$ per LB... is it worth buying online?
Anything else I should consider or take into part. I know you have to let the live rock cure for 4 to 6 weeks
Time is not a issue for me as $ is as it comes along, and I wanna be taught how to properly test the water and what to watch for.
Thanks in advance to everyone.
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Well in terms of lights I would go a little more if you will be keeping corals. Yes t-5's are good. You could also use power compact. These are good for LPS corals and softies. I'd recommend halides for SPS with a mix of actinic t-5's or power compacts. As for a heater marineland stealths are very reliable. And for the powerheads it depends on what kind. we need a little more info on what your goal is and what your keeping in the tank to give you the best plan
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API tast kits are pretty good for the price and they make a calcium test can start with some base rock and sand then seed it with the expensive live stuffs.
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see I dont really have a plan for what livestock I want. Im kinda going to play it by what I find that I like.
I do have a little list. I just need to put together a tank first.
Will keep up to date as I buy stuff
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