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Filtration Recomendation?

We are in the process of setting up our first reef tank...:) We've been doing alot of research and wanted your opinion in regards to a good filtration system for our 90 gallon Oceanic Reef Ready Tank we'r setting up? Have read alot of conflicting info as far as wet/dry systems...Would greatly appreciate any and all advice....:)
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IMO, a sump is the way to go. No argument. These add plenty of water to your system, and you can add most of your equipment in there (Skimmer, Heater, etc). You have an overflow from your tank, gonig down to the sump, with a return pump connected to plumbing to go back. For a 90G Tank, I would do at least a 40 gallon sump. SKAustin knows a lot about the design, etc of sumps, so if you want, PM him.
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If by "wet-dry" you mean a traditional system with bioballs, then PLEASE do not use a wet-dry system on a marine reef aquarium. If this is the case, lets please have a long discussion about this topic.

There is nothing to debate and there is no room for "opinion" on this issue. Wet dry systems have no place on a marine reef environment. This is not personal opinion.... 99.9% of the literature written after 1995 will agree on this issue.

As to a sump-system, such as Cody describes, then yes. A sump can be a great benefit for any marine setup.
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Great! Its a sump system I need...Whats the easiest and best way to go about getting one....Building? Purchasing? :D
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I would build one. Buying one can often be very expensive, while making one is very common. Let me try to find some diagrams...
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sergiotami, Get yourself a 30 gallon breeder tank or a 30 gallon long tank, (used is fine so long as its never been treated with copper meds), a 24"x48" sheet of acrylic from Lowes, a 24"x48" sheet of Egg Crate Celieng tile, 2 tubes of Aquarium silicone, 2 tubes of gel superglue, a poster sized sheet of non-corrogated cardboard, and whatever plumbing supplies you need. Thats all you need to build a nice sump like the one pictured below. You should be able to get everything for about $100.00.

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