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Coral Life Super Skimmer

I am relatively new to the hobby (having inherited a set up tank) and have a Coral Life Super Skimmer on my 55 gallon tank. This has run perfectly for 6 months, and has been freaking out for the last 2 weeks. It has overflowed 4 times, each time with no warning and clear water. It just happened again and I have almost no water going to it right now. Any ideas or suggestions? I have already taken it apart and cleaned each piece individually.
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This and other reasons are why I don't much care for CSS brand skimmers or HOT (hang on tank) skimmers.

One question, could you be adding top off water before the freak outs? Another thing to keep in mind is that HOT skimmers are EXTREMELY finicky as they can easily react to water height changes. Water evaporation and or topping off can actually affect the current settings enough to cause a freak out.
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Ive been using a Coralife superskimmer 125 for just short of a year now. So far, no complaints. I'll have to agree with CRM that they are very tempermental, and for "Hang on Tank" application, they make for a poor option. I have the 125 model on my 55g and the 75 model on my 29g. Both are installed on the side of my sumps where water level is not effected by either evap or top-off. On this application, Ive had no issues and am very pleased with the operation of both. A few things Ive noticed that may be of help. When we feed squid, the skimmer goes ballistic. When I slack off on my cleaning schedule, the skimmers effectiveness is noticably compromised. The slightest adjustments to the skimmer change its output drastically. Not sure if any of that helps, but I figured I'd add it.

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Thank you both! I did not realize that a change in the water level could trigger a flood - the first time it happened I had just topped off my tank. I talked to someone at my LFS today and they said it might also be a reaction to the Garlic Guard I recently started adding to my food. It is a HOT setup right now and I'm am not thrilled with it either, but I am not brave enough to try a sump yet - maybe that will be my next project. Good to know I don't need a new skimmer - thanks again for your assistance :)
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Allow me to reassure you to use a sump.

If you buy a large enough sump it becomes impossible to overflow in the event of a power outage. and if properly installed it is impossible to overflow the tank if there is an obstruction to the return. My sump can only lose 1.5" of water before my pump runs dry, my 75g tank can handle the extra inch and a half of water. But I never ever have to worry about my skimmer spewing fish poo all over the floor.

Back to the CSS. Adding top off water is likely your culprit, not the garlic extract. When you add a gallon or more of frsh water it changes the specific gravity of the water, you unlock the bind that holds the water together. Skimmers can certainly go nuts when this happens, usually with firced injection skimmers, not so much with needlewheel type impellers. Indeed your CSS is a needlewheel type impeller but it is running at a set rate and then suddenly you raise the height of the water in the tank, this changes the pressures in the tank and can force water to ANY HOT skimmer causing a bad reaction. I used to see this with an AquaC remora I used on a small tank. It needed daily tweaking to be efficient as the water level would drop each day until a top off. Then when you did the top off the skimmer would go nuts.
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Originally Posted by caferacermike
Allow me to reassure you to use a sump.
Definately!.!.!.! The sump is the way to go. If I might add to the above, it gives you a place to hide your heater and skimmer, eliminates (when constructed properly) the microbubbles, and increases your total gallonage, thus increasing your margin for error.

Take pride in what you do, for it is a reflection of who you are.

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