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Cooling your Aquarium


i have a 55 gallon saltwater aquarium with alot of fish, few anemones and no coral, and seeing as though i live in australia and its summer now i was wondering what methods people have of cooling there aquarium, cause our air conditioning doesn't help at all..

any help would be appreciated.
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When our house got to hot we ran fans on the tank.
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One you could buy chiller, but if not get some fans and blow them accross the water or freeze water inside a couple 2 liter bottles and let them float at the top.
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good idea, thanks heaps
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remember when you start blowing fans across your water you are gunna have to replace the evaporated water. :D
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The boy above me sure has been paying attention...

2 liter bottles work ok when you are home. If you have a job, electricity for these tanks doesn't come free.... then someone will need to change them while you are gone. The one problem I have with the 2 liter way is that your temp will constantly vary. If you forget or wait to long the temp can come back up... The best reason for a chiller is that your tanks temp will become extremely stable.
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Yes a chiller is the best way. Just one thing Make sure you buy one that is larger then you need. I bought one that said it would lower my tank which it does but it never shuts off when my Halides are on.
I used the frozen water in 2 liter. for a some time it worked ok. I put them in my sump not the display tank.
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Living in Hawaii I had the same problem. My first place had free electricity so i just bought a 15,00 BTU A/C and it worked grate kept me and my tank cool. My new place does haver free electricity so i had to buy a Chiller. YEs get one that is bigger then you need for your tank. No only will it save you on electricty but it will keep the temperature at a nice even range. The smaller ones make the water fluctuate much more. I have a 55 G too and i have a Chiller for a 80 Gallon tank. IT works great and will be great once summer comes. Though the 400 i spent on it sure would have got me some nice things to look at. At least what i have wont die.

55 G 4x1.7x1.7
Emperor 400, Fluval 404, undergravel, Resun Cl300 Chiller
1 Blue damsel, 1 yellow tail damsel
1 Koran Angle
1 Long Noise Hawk
6 month old tank

55G 4x2x1
Self-built wetdry, undergravel, Seaclone 100, Turbo Twist 9w
1 Queen Angle juvenile about 6 inch long,, 1 maroon clown fish,
1 hawaiian turkey fish (lion). 1 blue damsel
3 year old tank
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wow u can get free electricity? where is that at?
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Just found this link to a DIY Chiller:
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