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cell cast acrylic.

why does everyone stress cell cast? I want to know if i can just use regular plexiglass from like home depot when i am converting my wet dry into a refugium, or does that have a bad toxin in it or something for fish?
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I did and had no problem.
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um k, i think cell cast is just what you need for strength.
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Everyone stresses cell cast because it is stronger and hundredds of times more clear then "extruded". That is also why it is more expensive. For dividers in a sump, or for the body of a skimmer, I see no problems with it. For a main tank or for a large sump, I'd go with with cell cast.
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well i got a 45 gallon tank, cut some supports out, moved some boxes and finangled it under my tank. broke the side of the tank, disapointed, but what can you do. so I cut a new piece of glass and siliconed it in there. Got it running like a regular filter still, but now i need to order my refugium mud.
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Well I am not an expert but the answer I got from "acrylic experts" on the nanoreef forum was that extruded acrylic like from the hardware store will eventually become brittle and crack under very little stress. Again, not from me but just what I get. Cast acrylic isn't that much more. I've ordered from www.estreetplastics.com with good luck.
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good input, but i already did it, so i will have to wait and see over time, it is really not being used a support so i hope it will be alright. but thanks for the link for future products.
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