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Which is Better

Hey Guys,

Looking for a protein skimmer for a 60 gal FOWLR tank... I have narrowed it down to these two:

Aqua C Remora w/ Maxijet 1200

Coralife Super Skimmer 65

which is better? everytime i ask my LFS they don't really give me a direct answer. Thanks again guys
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Your LFS won't comment because neither are really good skimmers. Both will do the trick to some extent. The CSS65 is trouble prone, the consensus is the only CSS worth the money is the 220. I've owned the Remora and know plenty of others that do. They work ok but not fantastic.

Are you looking for a hang on tank type? I notice the 2 you list are HOT. Deltec MHE300 is rated the best for HOT skimmers but they are a bit more money.

If I had to pick one of the 2 listed it'd probably be the CSS if only because it is a needle wheel skimmer.
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Thanks for your help,

the only reason im looking for a HOT skimmer is because i do not have a sump and am looking for something more or less on the simple side. i do have a fluval 404.. maybe i could use that as a sump and buy a better skimmer?

thanks again!
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You wouldn't be able to use the canister filter as a sump, no access. If you can check out the Deltec. Pricey but worth it. Plus they are a desirable skimmer with excellent resale value.
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