29G Biocube --- RO/DI Unit?
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29G Biocube --- RO/DI Unit?

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29G Biocube --- RO/DI Unit?
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29G Biocube --- RO/DI Unit?

Just got a 29 Gallon Biocube, and in process of building stand before I setup.

I live in a town with tapwater as option, and obviously want to avoid that...so my options are:

Option 1: Buy RO water from store regularly all the time. I gotta say this seems like a pain in the butt. Running to the store and having a constant source for top offs. I guess my question is how much is a gallon? How much water am I supposed to change and how often?

Option 2: Buy an RO unit? Looking at only a few, they look expensive! Are there any that would server as a cost effective solution? Are there any other practical uses making the investment worthwhile, such as if the world was to end and all civilization died except me I could pee in it and purifiy into water to survive?

Do i need to design a whole setup? Or do I hook on to faucet, run a hose from unit into bucket/tank? Do I set unit in bucket to filter over period of time?

I understand RO/DI much more now thanks to:

Per “SKAustin” - http://www.tropicalfishkeeping.com/saltwater-aquarium-equipment/reverse-osmosis-17601/

“RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. This is the 4th stage in the 5 stage RO/DI process, wherein the water is forced to pass through a special membrane. This membrane allows only the water molecules to permeate through.

DI stands for De-Ionization. This is the 5th (and final) stage in the 5 stage RO/DI. In this stage, the water is passed through a resin that converts any remaining ions in the water to the Hydrogen ion.

The RO filter simply lacks the DI stage of the filter.

There are, on occasion, additional stages beyond the standard 5 stage.

Here are the stages

1. 5 micron sediment filter
2. Granulated carbon
3. 5 micron cocunut carbon filter
4. Reverse Osmosis Membrane
5. De-Ionization Resin
6. Second De-Ionization Resin
7. In-line granulated carbon (for drinking water)”

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