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Synodontis Ocellifer Catfish

Scientific Name: Synodontis ocellifer
Family: Mochokidae

About the Synodontis Ocellifer Catfish

Species Type: Freshwater Fish
Category: Catfish

Care Level: Very Easy. Will tolerate a wide range of water parameters including pH, temperature and hardness. Can tolerate higher nitrate levels than other fish and is hardy enough to withstand the cycling process. Will readily eat prepared foods and has no special care requirements.

Origin: Various river basins of West Africa

Compatibility/Temperament: 3


The Synodontis ocellifer is a rather peaceful bottom-dwelling catfish although there are claims that they may be aggressive as well. They are rather yellow or brown in color background with black dots.

As this fish grows rather large, eight inches at most, a 50 gallons tank size would be the minimum when keeping a small group. They should not be housed with small fish which they may perceive as meals rather than tankmates. They can, however be housed with most cichlids, Rift Valley cichlids in particular as they are often left alone by the cichlids despite the cichlids' notorious belligerence.

This fish is particularly nocturnal and shy especially during daytime, however, they will eventually show up a lot once completely accustomed in their new environment. A suitable environment would be a tank containing plenty of rocks and plants (strongly anchored). They are not in particular, difficult to keep at all.

Be careful when netting them as they have sharp spines on their pectoral fins with serrated edges which may cause injuries on the fish and the owner.

The Synodontis ocellifer has not been bred in captivity yet however there are reports of them being induced with hormones in Europe in order to produce them.

Synodontis Ocellifer Catfish Diet

Feeding them is not difficult as they will relish greedily earthworms, tubifex worms, small fish, bloodworms and everything else. Catfish pellets should also be used as a supplement.


Ideal water parameters for Synodontis Ocellifer Catfish

The Synodontis Ocellifer Catfish should be kept in an aquarium with the temperature ranging from 76 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and a Ph of around 8.

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