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Peaceful Betta

Scientific Name: Betta imbellis
Family: Osphronemidae, Subfamily Macropodusinae

About the Peaceful Betta

Species Type: Freshwater Fish
Category: Anabantids

Care Level: Very Easy. Will tolerate a wide range of water parameters including pH, temperature and hardness. Can tolerate higher nitrate levels than other fish and is hardy enough to withstand the cycling process. Will readily eat prepared foods and has no special care requirements.

Origin: Malaysia peninsula, Thailand, and northern Sumatra. Occurs in very still waters such as swamps, ponds, ditches and smal,l streams shaded by marginal or floating vegetation. Mainly freshwater, but some populations can be foound in brackish coastal swamp habitats.

Compatibility/Temperament: Peaceful Betta imbellis (Peaceful Betta) can peaceful live with other species. Not to exclude the fact that male can be together with other males + females what seems like fighting is just play it is just (mock fighting/ Bravado) they will do no damage to each other it is better to have a 2/1 feamale to male ratio if mutiple males are together. These are peacful and will not kill each other unlike thier agressive cousin betta splendens. warning DO NOT KEEP SPLENDENS WITH THEM THEY WILL KILL IMBILLIS.


Betta imbellis (Peaceful Betta) needs a lot of long stemmed plants amog which they might hide as they are very shy and don't come out very often. You should setup your aquarium to maximize the number of hiding places available.
For best results when breeding Betta imbellis (Peaceful Betta) the water level requires be decreased to 15-20 cm / 6-8 inches. Before breeding both male and female requires be kept in separate aquariums. The parents requires be fed once a day to discourage them from eating the eggs.

Peaceful Betta Diet

Betta imbellis (Peaceful Betta) likes live and frozen food. Should accept prepared foods once settled. Feed sparingly, as this species is prone to overeat.


8 cm / 3 inches adult.

Minimum Tank Suggestion

10 gallons

Ideal water parameters for Peaceful Betta

Soft to moderately hard (GH < 15 dGH), pH 5.5 to 7.5, temperature 24-28C / 75-82F.

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