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Brazilian Pennywort

Scientific Name: Hydrocotyle leucocephala
Family: Apiaceae

About the Brazilian Pennywort

Species Type: Freshwater Plants
Category: Stem

Care Level: Very Easy. Adaptable, will tolerate soft or hard water, low light, very minimal or no additional fertilization. pH 6.0 to 8.0 and GH up to 20 degrees/350ppm.

Origin: Found throughout Brazil.

Physical Description

Leaves are light green, oval or kidney-shaped with slightly serrated margins (edges), developing alternately from side to side along the fast-growing stems. Left to float, the stems develop long white roots, and the leaf blades will be smaller in diameter.

As noted under the light requirements, this stem plant is very suitable in lower light aquaria and those with floating plants. Fast growing, it can regularly be trimmed by cutting the stems when they reach the surface and planting the top portions in the substrate. If left to grow along the surface, the lower leaves on the stems in the aquarium will yellow and fall off.

This plant will also grow in damp bog conditions, along the moist surface as in a paludarium or terrarium for amphibians. In the opinion of the writer, one of the finest stem plants and ideal in a South American display.

Ideal position in aquarium

An ideal stem plant for the back corners as it will tolerate some shade; also will grow floating.

Lighting requirements

Moderate to bright. One of the few stem plants that does well in less light.

Growth rate


Minimum Tank Suggestion


Ideal water parameters for Brazilian Pennywort

Soft to moderately hard (to 15 dGH), acidic to slightly basic/alkaline (pH to 7.8) water, temperature 20-28C/68-82F.

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