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Blood parrot cichlid

Scientific Name: Heros severus x Amphilophus labiatus
Family: Hybrid Fish

About the Blood parrot cichlid

Species Type: Freshwater Fish
Category: Cichlids

Care Level: Easy. Does well in a slightly more narrow range of water parameters and shouldn't be used to cycle an aquarium. Will eat most prepared foods. May have some specific care requirements in terms of particular water parameters, social behaviors, food items etc.

Origin: Blood parrot cichlids are a hybrid cichlid created by the mixing of multiple new world cichlids. The species used to create blood parrots cichlid may include the severum cichlid, the red devil cichlid, the midas cichlid, and the convict cichlid.

Compatibility/Temperament: Blood parrots are generally peaceful but still pose problems when mixed with certain species. They will eat small community fish like neons, guppies, danios, etc. They shouldn't be mixed with fragile species, like angelfish that can be rammed and squished into the tank walls by blood parrots. Good tankmates include larger barbs, yellow lab cichlids, silver dollars, plecos, and black skirt tetras.


Blood parrot cichlids are a wonderful addition to any aquarium. They are hardy, easy to keep, and are compatible with a variety of popular freshwater fish. Give them what they need and your blood parrots should live up to 10 years. They are big waste producers and therefore require regular water changes and heavy filtration. Blood parrot cichlids are known for their dog-like personality and recognition of their owners. Overall they are a joy to keep.

Blood parrot cichlid Diet

Blood parrot cichlids are omnivores and aren't picky about their food. Feed them a variety of flakes and pellets supplemented with frozen brine shrimp, bloodworms, and blanched romaine lettuce.


8-10 inches for adults. 6 inches more likely

Minimum Tank Suggestion

55 gallons

Ideal water parameters for Blood parrot cichlid

pH 6.5-7.8

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