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Arrow Loach

Scientific Name: Nemacheilus masyai
Family: Cyprinidae (Nemacheilus)

About the Arrow Loach

Species Type: Freshwater Fish
Category: Cyprinids

Care Level: Easy. Does well in a slightly more narrow range of water parameters and shouldn't be used to cycle an aquarium. Will eat most prepared foods. May have some specific care requirements in terms of particular water parameters, social behaviors, food items etc.

Origin: Western Malaysia, Thailand River, Mekong Basin

Compatibility/Temperament: 2


Nemacheilus masyai is a more peaceable loach species and should be kept in at least 3 in number which is the norm for almost every loach species there is. Tophat665: In my experience, they become aggressive if kept alone.

This loach is often confused with another loach species, Nemacheilus pallidus however a few differences have been observed. N. masyai has wider and darker markings, more slender body and eyes closer to the top of the head.

A suitable environment would be plenty of bogwoods, slates, plants with powerful filtration and high oxygen levels. Soft substrate is recommended as well to allow them to dig.

Females may become gravid but no reports of successful breeding has ever been reported.

Also commonly traded as Checkerboard Sand Loach (as is N. Pallidus.)

(As the owner of the critter in the picture below, there is some uncertainty whether he is N. masyai or N. pallidus.)

Arrow Loach Diet

Omnivorous and will accept frozen and live foods. Tophat665: Eats anything remotely suitable, from flake to shrimp pellets to livebearer fry. You will never have a problem feeding this fish.


Ideal water parameters for Arrow Loach

The Arrow Loach should be kept in an aquarium with the temperature ranging from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and a Ph of around 6.

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