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DjBootleg 04-28-2012 08:47 PM

am i just paranoid?????
What's up? So I'm kind of new to the aquarium scene. I use to keep 2-3 freshwater tank (secessfully) and kno quite a bit but that was yeeaars ago when I was a kid.. I'm starting back now with a 20 gallon tank with some fish.. my first batch (cheap fish) was a bust cuz I didn't let the new water cycle enough so I waited and got more.. then I vaccumed the tank and took to much out (!bout 50-60 %) =( lost a few fish then but most hung in there and r still living. So I got some more fish yesterday (now have about 10-12 tropical fish. And am just so parranoid about them dieing.. I got the water tested and they said it looked fine.. I thought I saw some ich spots on some n one was scrapping on the rocks so I been putting drops in but honestly I just think I'm paranoid??? Like two of the little fish that hung in there from the huge water change look kind of pale (idk what there r called I forgot but there little red ones) I put some anti stress coat drops in there every couple of days and some bacteria drops every once in a while cuz I'm so paranoid but is that is what might be hurting them?? Sorry for the long post but any comments would help... thanks!
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Hanky 04-28-2012 09:15 PM

I would get yourself an API Master test kit to test yourself, I dont trust the fish stores they will tell you the waters fine so you buy more fish.
Dont use medications unless your sure you need it. Ich is usually caused by stress or sudden temparture changes.
I change 50% of my water every week with no problems, just make sure you use a de-chlorinator and the temp is the same as the tank water.

Byron 04-29-2012 11:04 AM

Here is info on cycling, which is what your tank is now doing, and this is deadly to fish so please have a read of this:

What exact medications are you using for ich?
What fish (names of species) and how many?

This info will allow us to offer more help.


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