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penfin 04-28-2012 04:27 PM

Hello all,
Like many, I won a little gold fish in a bowl at the local fair. I was 9. I expanded from there and kept tropicals up until early 97. Most tanks I had at one time were 27 tanks and with a pond I made in the middle of my aptment. I have belonged to a club, in Bakersfield, bred many different egglayers. I have been tankless since 97 and my friends granddaughter who I give horse lessons to, has a small tank and it has resparked my interest. I still have my 100 gal, two show 29s, two 17 show, and a small 8 show. All I have left of my tanks I owned......:-( I have worked in several pet shops, and my favorite fish is the chocolate gourimi. After that comes the kribs, keyholes, lamprologus, and then the highfin shark. I barely remember the regular names anymore. Oh, and I like the procostamus, the fancier ones. I had a domino lyre tail that was close to a foot long when I lost it. Thanks for listening....... Penny

Romad 04-28-2012 07:01 PM

Hello Penny and welcome back to the world of fishkeeping :)

I can't help but dwell on one thing in particular in you introduction and that's A POND IN YOUR APARTMENT :shock: :shock:

That's a first for me. Do you happen to have any picture of it that you can share??

AbbeysDad 04-28-2012 08:40 PM

'A pond in the apartment'....any landlords nightmare - lol

Welcome to TFK Penny!

Boredomb 04-28-2012 09:55 PM

Welcome to TFK Penny!
How did you make a pond in the middle of your apartment? That would be a Realtor neat thing to see.

penfin 04-29-2012 11:46 AM

My Apt pond
It was a small stand alone apt, with cement foundation, so no worries about it crashing thru the floor. My landlord was a friend, previous boyfriend who was well aware of my hobby and would drop by just to look at my fish.
I am looking for pictures but I have been thru numerous moves since then and many items and pictures have been lost and I lost a lot of things in the fire in 97.
Ok, I have always been one to see something in what others are throwing away. Ok, to get real, I hate to throw anything away and often look at others throw aways as something I could use. If you think back many years, you will remember, if your aged like me, when they were first coming out with the little wading pools for kides. Yes, I am that old. Any who, one of my friends was getting rid of the previous years wader pool and I snapped it up. I put several layers of cardboard where it would sit for installation from the cold of the cement floor. I lined it with pond liner, put in gravel, petrified wood, hidey places, threw in plants, mostly guppy grass, my fav, some other plants, swords or val I think. Made a net cover for half of it, the other half, just had a large piece of plastic that I cut a place for a lid and a heater in. I would age water in five gal buckets, four, use a hose to cyphon out the water and run it outside to a little flower bed, cyphon in the water from the five gal buckets. The water temp stay around 70 year round. My little pond sat in the middle of the living room, and it got the morning sun from a large window on the east side. I don't know how many gallons it held but it was a lot of fun. Had some corys and guppies and was surprised how big they grew and how fast. Was surprised to find that the corys spawned in it several times. Nothing cuter than a little cory!!! Just the plain corys but it was fun. penfin

willow 04-29-2012 01:41 PM

hello and welcome :-D
a pond in the living room.....awsome !

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