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Lupin 12-13-2007 07:29 AM

Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
Dear fellow members,

We would like to inform you that this new section has been added for your convenience. The moderators have contemplated this for quite awhile considering a lot of incoming threads are based on equipments. It has been becoming increasingly difficult for most people to dig through a hundred threads regarding the use of equipments. Not only is this the issue but with several questions lately regarding the recommendations for heaters, filters et al, we find it difficult to dig through the main section for topics covering the opinions of several members in the past. Hopefully this section will really help us a lot.

In this section, only topics covering the aquarium equipments should be posted. Anything not covered by this section will be moved in an appropriate section.

Thank you and regards. Staff

Lupin 12-14-2007 08:54 AM

I will add a list of the following that will be covered by this section.

1. Filter
2. Heater
3. Chillers
4. Lighting
5. CO2 units
6. Sumps
7. Air Pumps
8. Cleaning Agents
9. Thermometer
10. Hydrometer
11. Refractometer
12. Test Kits
13. Substrate
14. Medicines
15. Stands
16. Gravel Vacuum Cleaners

Equipments for Planted Tanks
Any equipments involving planted tanks will be covered by this section. Leave the Freshwater Plants section to deal with plants, maintenance, their diseases and other requirements.

Brackish Water Field
I realize this would have been covered by the marine section but as brackish water is borderlined and mostly leaning on freshwater, all equipments involving brackish water setups will be covered here. Use the above list posted as your reference.

If you are asking for recommendations of substrate, please post them here.

Cleaning Agents
We do not agree with the use of most detergents which are toxic however there are others that are perfectly safe for use as long as necessary precautions are observed. Potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and salt to name a few will be covered here.

All medicines and other chemicals will be covered here. The sticky thread posted in Freshwater Emergencies will remain the exception in our efforts to make it convenient for those in emergency needs.

Aquarium stands can be posted here for recommendation and stability issues. Anything involving DIY will, of course, be moved to DIY section.

Other DIY Equipments
They will not be covered here and will be moved to DIY section.

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