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Thumper719 12-12-2007 06:15 PM

do platypi go quack?
do platypi go quack?
ive always wondered....

Lupin 12-12-2007 07:24 PM

I've never encountered the platypus but I sure am interested to hear as well.:lol:

Thumper719 12-12-2007 08:09 PM

yeah... well ive always wondered...

herefishy 12-12-2007 09:49 PM

I don't know if they quack, but I've heard that they lay eggs. Someone told me once, I think, that they quonk.

Falina 12-12-2007 09:51 PM

They make clucking/clicking noises and sort of low pitched growls.

*edit* Yep, they lay eggs.

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