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fish monger 04-22-2012 07:50 PM

Water Sprite = Indian Fern ?
I thought that the plant sold as water sprite is the same as Indian fern of yore. Am I wrong ? The Indian fern that I had long ago had the same basic shape; however, the lobes were much broader. Also, I have yet to have a new plant develop on the mother plant after 3 months. The plants keep growing but, remain fairly fine lobed. Any ideas ?

Byron 04-23-2012 01:14 PM

First, yes, Indian Fern was a name used for Water Sprite, and may still be. As i frequently write, common names are "common" to those who use them, and they can vary from region to region. But I have seen this plant referred to under Indian Fern.

Second, on the width of the leaves, this partly depends upon species, as it notes i the profile. Ceratopteris cornuta is wider and does best floating; the other two species are narrower and do better planted. If C. cornuta is planted, and depending upon light, the leaves can vary in shape. And even when left floating some leaves will be different.

Third, on adventitious plants forming; are you floating the plants or are they rooted in the substrate? Adventitious plants will still form, if it is C. cornuta anyway, but perhaps more slowly when rooted. And, it takes this plant a while to settle into new conditions. Even when i move small plants from one tank to another, I see a slight decline for a few weeks.


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