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GouramiJade 04-22-2012 12:41 AM

Advice on stocking?
Im planning the fish for my 4x2x2ft (long) tank which holds about 120 US gallons. Ive done much research but id still like to check what those with more experience think of my plans.
The tank was cycled and now has some danios in it to get it fairly established. Its now had fish in it for 8 months and took about a month to cycle so has been running for 9 months total. All is well, no problems and all the levels are testing well with no spikes. The Danios will be returned to their proper home the day before i purchase new fish (i believe this is the best way to do it), i dont intend to keep them in there.

I need to choose between Scarlet Badis and Bolivian Rams as my feature fish, ive always loved rams but since discovering the Scarlet Badis' i really love them aswell :lol:
Id also like to get a group of at least 8 Panda Corys for the bottom. Honey Gourami but i dont know how many is advisable. And some smaller shoaling fish like Galaxy Rasboras and Mosquito Rasboras. I was thinking of Hatchetfish but as the Gourami will go to the top i dont think it will look too empty.
So do you guys think this mix is advisable and what is your experience with Rams and Badis'? And how many would you reccommend for this tank(Rams/Badis')?

jaysee 04-22-2012 02:33 AM

I have read that scarlet badis are very difficult to keep, due to their preference for live food.

My 90 gallon is full of little fish - I think it's a nice look. Stocking a large tank with little fish allows you have large schools of fish. For a 120, I wouldn't get less than 15 or 20 of any small schooling fish.

The gourami is not going to spend much time at the top. If you want one that will, go with the full size species. Pearl gouramis are terrific for such a tank - I have 5 in the 90 (48x18). They are a social fish that do best in groups, unlike almost all other gourami species.

GouramiJade 04-22-2012 03:25 AM

If they are fussy with food id rather go with the Rams i think, im not keen on live food it would creep me out a bit i think :lol: Yeah i thought of the Pearls but i wanted the most friendly ones i could get and people say Honey are the calmest. Pearls are so much prettier though!

Oh and i forgot to ask, id like advice on the order to introduce each type of fish and also the numbers at a time. Thanks everyone!

Byron 04-22-2012 12:32 PM

I would not suggest such small and delicate fish in so large a tank, referring to the Scarlet Badis, Mosquito Rasbora and Celestial Pearl Danio [our common name for the Galaxy Rasbora]. You will see these names have shaded, meaning they are in the profiles and you can click the names to read their information. I have kept all of these and they do much better in smaller tanks, plus they are not exactly compatible (the CPD). All this will be explained in the profiles.

Bolivian Ram is a nice cichlid for a community tank, I have a male in my 5-foot 115g. This fish should be kept either solitary, just one, or in a bonded pair. And the male has to select his own female to bond with, he will not accept any female you give him, as i have found out. More in the profile.

You have the space for Pearl Gourami, one male and 2-3 females. More in the profile on this. Honey Gourami would work, a small group, but I wouldn't mix Gourami species. Males of all species are territorial, and even with space, a male Pearl might not take kindly to the honeys. And another issue with those smaller fish--they will get eaten by the pearls.


jaysee 04-22-2012 04:29 PM

I've kept my pearls with many different small fish - there's no risk of predation with small fish. They are insectivores.

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