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Da11as 04-20-2012 02:35 PM

True SAE darts up towards the top of tank
I've read that true SAE's are bottom dwellers, but appears mine darts up to top of tank, have more or less finished cycling, and have had its weekly PWC (partial water change) all paremeters (Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate) look great at 0 (finally) I have got 2 - local LFS said 1 was fine on its own.. grrr the 2nd LFS said they had no flying foxes, but had algae eaters (CAE's - errr I'll pass thanks), whilst trying to determine what may be the cause, I discovered the tank should be heavy planted (I'm hoping sooner rather than later), I also read they are jumpers, (a bit confused on that one - although a lot of fish are jumpers, If they are bottom dwellers, (who what when why where would they be jumpers?) why would they be swimming towards the top? I have also read they middle swimmers also, although 9/10 times I have read do stipulate they are bottom dwellers... am running an Eheim Pro 3e filtration system, any ideas at all?
Anyone? Someone? Everyone? Noone?

Fish in a 50 G tank...
Siam - SAE
Maizey - SAE
2x Angels
2x Dwarf Flame Gourami

Misomie 04-21-2012 08:32 PM

My CAE did this before, but that was when he was starting to outgrow the 20 gal. When I transferred him to the 75gal he continued his "crazy swimming" for a short while. Once he was used to the new tank he stopped. If your SAE is fairly new, it could just be stress. Do you have any hiding places set up that are accessible to the SAEs? He could just be trying to find somewhere to hide if you don't.

DaisyMaisy 05-13-2012 06:46 PM

my SAE would swim like crazy all over the tank, non stop, until I got him a nice little hidey hole cave. He hangs out in there most of the time but comes out for food. I do have a well planted tank so maybe he was just skittish.

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