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rrcoolj 04-19-2012 04:42 PM

Molly sex ratio?
So I ordered 8 wild sailfin mollies about a day ago. Problem is there are 4 pairs. I know the norm is 2-3 females per every male but does it make that much of a difference. I ask because the seller is currently out of females. Now keep in mind this is an 125 gallon 6ft tank. Should I still try to get those extra females or will they be ok.

dmuddle 04-19-2012 11:16 PM

They'll be fine, but the males MAY gang up, I just bought a heap around 5 and there were 4 males and she was fine.

Sam Crow 04-20-2012 09:11 PM

I have one male Molly and 4 female Molly. 2 Dalmatian, 1 black, 1 creamsicle and one silver molly. The silver is the male. The funny thing is, he only desires the creamsicle. The creamsicle is constantly harassed by the silver male. The funny and interesting thing is, the Dalmatians and black females take up for the creamsicle and chase away the silver male when they see her in distress.

Fish are awesome creature. So much more personality and intelligence that they get credit for.

rrcoolj 04-23-2012 08:31 PM

Ok well the females seeom completely fine. In fact they are quite nasty and have no problem chasing the males about the tank but that's typical IME. Many of the males sailfins seem to be torn so hopefully they recover. But I will probably get extra females anyway. These guys should be stunning when they get older. Here is a pic of them. The pic is not mine it is the seller's but they are the same fish.

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