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RackinRocky 04-18-2012 10:02 PM

Mollies of different types kept together?
Well, I have room for one more fish in my 20 gallon, and I've been thinking about a balloon Molly. They had one today at Petco that looked like a Calico pattern. I thought hard about it, but decided not to, as I just added a Dalmation Molly, and don't want to just jump into it without research. I saw a video on Youtube today that kind of upset me. Someone's Dalmation Molly was harrassing their balloon Molly. I wouldn't classify it as just chasing, as it was posturing, then biting at the poor balloon Molly for a good few seconds before the balloon Molly swam off quickly. I felt as if the balloon Molly was not able to defend itself, possibly because of its body shape. Although it was not as slow as I would have expected. The tank also looked grossly overstocked.

Even though I want one, if my Dalmations (two females) go after it, I wouldn't want to subject it to that kind of abuse. My 10 gallon holds a male betta, so can't have a balloon in there. Anyone here have Dalmations and balloons together? And what is the secret? I was thinking a female would be good, as that's what the Dalmations are, and it seems the general consensus that the females are generally a little less aggressive than the males. What are your thoughts? Should I try it?

SeaHorse 04-18-2012 11:59 PM

Well my opinion would be that if you have witnessed the behavior it will likely happen again. It's hard to say, some are more social, but I would not do it unless you have another tank to put her in safely if there is trouble. Sadly trouble could mean being picked on all night long after watching them all swim nicely together the night before. In my mind you are taking a chance. Lets hope someone else will chime in here that knows more about Balloon Mollies. I've never owned one.
Good for you for not buying it and going home to research!!

SeaHorse 04-19-2012 12:04 AM

Oh and another question.... why do you say "room for one more fish"? are you using the 1" of fish per gallon rule? That is known now to not be a good rule to follow.

RackinRocky 04-19-2012 02:04 PM

No, not really using the one inch rule. I'm aware that some fish have a much higher bio-load than others. I know that my Otos have a very small bio-load and so does the ghost shrimp. I would imagine the Kuhlis do too, although I don't remember offhand from what I read about them. I recently read you should allow about 2.5 inches of Molly per gallon, so I'm assuming I'll be safe getting one more fish, considering I have 3 girl bettas in there too. Let me know if you think I would be overstocking! Looking at the tank, it doesn't look like there's that much in there, but I do realize the Kuhlis are hidden away much of the time.

Sam Crow 04-22-2012 01:51 PM

In my experience, Balloon Molly can be a bit too aggressive at times. Not long ago, I bought a Balloon Molly to add to my 29 gallon tank. It didn't work out well. It went after all of my fish, including the other Mollies in the tank. In the past, I've noticed all my Balloon Molly are especially agreesive before, during and especially after feeding. They are what they look like, pigs.

Ever see a group of pigs eat? That's the only time they show real aggression. It does depend on the tank-mates and the individual disposition of the fish, but for the most part I've had a real problem with Balloon Molly.

They are one of those fish (in my opinion) that do better kept in a tank with other Balloon Molly that are all close to the same size. They are beautiful and fun to watch with great personalities, but aggression can certainly be a problem. They are almost like clumsy, hyper-active Tetra in a way.

RackinRocky 04-22-2012 11:34 PM

That's funny! As comical as they look, I would never dream they would be aggressive! They must be faster than I would imagine too, if they chase other fish. Would they have the nerve to chase female bettas?

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