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optimusprimesgurl 04-17-2012 08:15 PM

Molly fry constipated?! Please help!
Last week my molly that I had purchased from the LPS gave birth. I could only save three of the fry. I kept them in a breeder and I noticed one fry was larger than the others, was white and was stronger. It swam around as the others sat on the bottom. They were all black. I'm not sure if they were underdeveloped, but after a week I transferred them to my cycled 10 gallon. The mother meanwhile had been acting distant and still is. She is hiding a lot still when she was normally zipping around everywhere. The babies have stayed low to the bottom of the tank. I also noticed some had strands of poop stuck to them which fell off. I was wondering how to get rid of that constipation, since it was just normal poop. Today I saw one of the little babies had died. I immediately did a 25% water change with all the fixings, stress coat, aquarium salt, and water conditioner, plus a little stress zyme. Still, the other little black one doesn't swim very well and stays on the bottom of the tank. Sometimes he'll muster the strength to swim up, but usually falls back down. His tail is always straining. I'm just wondering why one baby is striving so well, while the other is weaker. Also, what could've caused the other baby to die? This will be my first batch of mollies and I really want them to stay safe.

Also, how would you reccomend getting rid of the constipation for them? A pea like the adult or there a different method? I guess since this was my first time I was overfeeding but I'm being very careful now. I just want this problem solved.
Also, how long does the molly stay in the ten gallon for and how long will it be before I can figure out the gender of the fry? Plus can they do well in a 10 gallon tank all their life or would a 20 gallon tank be better? If so, are there any places to buy the tanks for a low cost? Thanks!

Sam Crow 04-22-2012 02:01 PM

All my larger fry (month old) have had odd "movements". Their poo is almost the size (but not length) of adult fish. It even can coil around the fish. In my experience, that's normal. I doubt your fry are constipated. Just eating well and digesting their food normally.

Some fry stay smaller for longer. It doesn't mean there is a problem. Some just grow slower and perhaps are eating less. Maybe the larger fry is eating the best bits of food before the smaller ones can. Try crushed blood worms are a mid-day meal to add more protein. Worked wonderfully for me.

As for the dead fry, it happens. Could be just birth defects or perhaps weakened immune systems. Only the strong survive, a they say.

Most of my females seem a bit depressed after birth. Perhaps it's just the stress of birth that has them down for a bit. They all perk up and act normal again within a few days.

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