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rjordan390 04-15-2012 02:51 AM

Replacement Water
Can tap water treated with Prime be stored in 1 gallon containers with the cap on? I would like to use them to replace water loss to evaporation.
I do have a 30 gallon set up just for water changes but prefer not to use it because I am dosing it with Equalibrium and its my understanding that evaporated water leaves the minerals behind. Is that correct? So I think all I need to do is replace this water treated with Prime from my 1 gallon containers.
Doing it this way would give me better control of the Equalibrium dosage in my 30 gallon makeup water.

AbbeysDad 04-15-2012 08:06 AM

Technically, as you point out, water loss as the result of evaporation leaves minerals behind. Ideally, you'd want make up water to be distilled, rain water or untreated RO, RO/DI or DI water. However, adding tap water is rarely a problem.

You could use Prime treated water, but Prime's detox capability only lasts 24-48 hours.

I think you might bottle the water and leave uncapped for a day or two, then add Prime just before adding to the tank (medicine dropper @ 2 drops/gallon [although 1 drop in a 16oz glass is fine]). This ensures that any ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and heavy metals are detoxified and any residual chlorine is neutralized.


rjordan390 04-15-2012 09:27 AM

If Prime detoxifys these chemicals, then what happens after 48 hours to the treated bottled water? My tap water and Seachems Comprehensive do not supply enough iron according to the recommended average of 0.25 to 0.5 ppm for chelated iron. I have to add their iron supplement to bring that up to 0.25 ppm. Seachems iron test kit also does non-chelated iron and my results for that paramenter reads 0.02 ppm. Do you agree with the recommendations for chelated iron?

So if I add Prime to the bottled water just before adding it to the tank, then does that interfere with the iron concentration in the tank?
I thought I would be ok if I added prime after filling the bottles and waiting 48 hours before using it to replace evaporated water.
Where did you get the information for 2 drops per gallon? Seachems instructions just give dosage at 5ml per 50 gallons. I might have been using too much at 8 drops per gallon and that was based on another companys product. Your Thoughts?

AbbeysDad 04-15-2012 11:13 AM

First, detoxification of heavy metals is not removal. Prime will not influence your adding iron. More than that I do not know. The information regarding the 48 hour window is well known and straight off the Seachem website.

At the time I was using Prime, I was using 2g buckets. I used a 5ml medicine dropper to determine 2 drops per gallon. 5ml = 100 drops for 50g, therefor 2 drops per gallon for a regular dose. (100x = 50g ~ x = 2drops per 1g). I always used 5 drops per 2g just for good measure.
Prime is more concentrated than most other products on the market.

Byron 04-15-2012 12:28 PM

There are some issues mentioned, but before I get to those, may I ask why water is evaporating? Normally this should never be a problem, unless the tank is uncovered and the water and air are very warm. The weekly partial water change should be sufficient to deal with minimal evaporation, and at the water change the water can be properly prepared.

But turning to the should not be adding iron on top of Flourish. There is more than sufficient iron in Flourish to supply any planted aquarium that is natural or low-tech. Excess iron can cause problems, and it is toxic.

And being a heavy metal, Prime does detoxify it. Though this is relevant to the level of iron. Prime is intended to handle toxins like heavy metals at levels likely to be found in tap water. It is not effective when these toxins are above "average" and most municipal water supplies will have what we term trace amounts of such heavy metals, since they are concerned over public health and humans can normally handle trace amounts. Fish though cannot, always. Iron and copper are two that even at levels safe for humans can kill fish (and plants for that matter).

So back to the issue, I would not add iron on its own, unless you are running a high-tech method in which case you will need daily doses of macro-nutrients and more but not excessive levels of micro-nutrients, of which iron is just one.

Many years ago, iron was often considered the mineral most needed, especially for swords, but this is now known to be misleading [one reason why one no longer gets told that Laterite, which is simply iron clay, is "essential" under the substrate] and there are other nutrients more important--but as always, balance is the key. Flourish Comprehensive and FlorinMulti are both balanced with respect to the nutrients included, and these are more than sufficient dosed once or at most twice a week.


rjordan390 04-15-2012 03:45 PM

Thanks Abbysdad and Byron,
The humidity must be low in my area which is the only explanation for the loss in water due to evaporation. When I do my water changes, I always fill 1/2 inch above the water line. When I started my tank in February, I would need to replace a gallon or three in my 75 gallon tank if I did not want to see the water line that is created. Actually the tank is not level but was when there was no water in it. My tank sits on a carpet and under that is laminate flooring. So after the water was added, the level changed. So I'll see about adding some wood shims during my next water change.
Thanks again.

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