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FishEatOutOfMyHand 04-13-2012 06:40 PM

feeding with flakes, blood worms, brine shrimp
I am very interested in getting brine shrimp, frozen blood worms, and some other treats for my fish. Does anybody know what type/brand name of frozen blood worms are the best and is there any harm from feeding fish frozen blood worms? Also what about live insects? I've heard meal worms are good...And then with brine shrimp, do they need to be acclimated before being put into the tank and do they risk introducing disease to the aquarium? Also I need some plant treats for my mollys, any suggestions? I have hear peas and lettuce but are there any plant based flakes I could use that wouldn't bother the carnivores in the tank if they ate them? And is it ok to switch day to day the type of food (flakes one day, blood worms the next..etc) or should I give them a little bit of both? Ultimately my goal is to ensure the longevity and meet the dietary needs of each different fish that I have...also I'd like to treat them b/c the same flake food everyday seems not good enough for my little guys. Any advice would be great, thanks!

Romad 04-14-2012 07:22 AM

As a staple diet, a good brand of flakes is best for every day and bloodworms or brine shrimp once or twice a week instead of flakes.

I haven't found any difference in quality with the frozen bloodworms and shrimp. Just thaw them out in a little tank water before you add them to the tank.

Tazman 04-14-2012 07:38 AM

Agreed with what Romad said, there is very little difference, you will lose a little nutrients in the freezing and thawing process but not significant.

Generally as well, flake food is the more staple diet as it contains a mixture of things, bloodworms etc should be given sparingly and not every day. They can lead to problems over time if fed every day.

Wild fish would eat them probably every day but also remember, many species available in our hobby are no longer wild caught but tank raised specimens brought up on flake and pellet food.

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